In the wake of yet another tragic shooting of a Black man in Wisconsin several days ago, our nation is once again reeling in disbelief, anger, and sadness. We have no choice but to acknowledge that we still have a long way to go as a society in our quest for racial justice and equity. The Nueva community needs to be an important part of this journey and, as you know, the Nueva  Board of Trustees has designated a special task force to bolster anti-racism efforts and to consider how best to empower our students to address these issues in the world at large. 

I am pleased to announce this task force has now been assembled, and you will see that we have invited a wide range of expertise across different groups within our community to commence this work. More important, please know that this represents just the beginning of dialogue and action. Our aim is to integrate an even broader array of community voices and perspectives with additional opportunities to participate in the near future. 


Task Force Members


Board Trustees



Puja Kaul

Lee Fertig

Sun Tavares

Jody Sievers

Hillary Freeman

Allison Rouse

Bruce Cozadd

Taryn Grogan

Jonathan Greenberg

Mara Wallace

Davion Fleming

Daniel Guillory

Derrick Bolton

Alegria Barclay

Tunde Sobomehin

Ann Green

Alison Williams

Tamara Sobomehin

Karen Pace

Liza Raynal

Wayee Chu

Rie Hirabaru

Karen Tiegel



Megan Terra



Danielle McReynolds-Dell


Student and alumni representatives will be considered in the near future


It is also important to note that the task force is just one way for Nueva to strategically address long-term issues, concerns, and needs that are identified as priorities. Parallel to this, the school’s faculty and staff, in collaboration with its leadership team, will continue to engage in actions on a more regular basis throughout the school year. I invite you to read our communication with faculty and staff yesterday that highlights some of the ways we are infusing anti-racism efforts into our day-to-day activities. 


Together, we can make a difference in not only the lives of our own Black community members, but also in the experience of so many others who are vulnerable in our society. Let’s learn by doing and learn by caring to create a beloved community here at Nueva and a more just world.


Lee Fertig
Head of School